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Frequently Asked Questions

Is masonry the same thing as bricklaying?

September 26, 2019. There is a common misconception that masons and bricklayers are essentially the same thing. While there is a little bit of overlap in what the two do, not all bricklayers are masons, while all masons are capable of being bricklayers. Masons will generally have much more advanced knowledge of not just bricklaying techniques, but other types of masonry work that makes them more versatile and highly valuable to various types of construction jobs.

What is the difference between concrete and masonry?

Masonry and concrete are not the same thing; as a general rule masonry is referring to the bricks, stones, and blocks used while concrete refers to a type of cement, other materials, and water that can be set into large forms to make a building without the smaller units of stones or bricks stacked upon each other.

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