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What is the significance of the Charter of Massachusetts Bay Company?

The charter of Massachusetts Bay represents still another way in which self-government was established in the English colonies of North America. In this case, the Massachusetts Bay Company, a joint-stock company resident in England, whose membership included merchants and landed gentry, received a charter from the Crown.

What happened to the Charter of the New England colonies?

The charter was revoked in 1684, and two years later all the New England colonies were united into the Dominion of New England. A new charter was issued in 1691 that joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony, the Plymouth Colony, and the Maine Colony as the Province of Massachusetts Bay and placed it under a royal governor.

What was the purpose of the Massachusetts Charter of 1691?

The Massachusetts Charter of 1691 was a charter that formally established the Province of Massachusetts Bay.

When did the New England company get a royal charter?

In 1629 the New England Company obtained a royal charter as the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Almost immediately the emphasis changed from trade to religion, as the Puritan stockholders conceived of the colony as a religious and political refuge for their sect.

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