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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Comercial Quimica Masso group do for a living?

SAEQUIM Distribution of specialty chemicals for the cosmetics industry NUTRIFOODS Distribution and commercialization of raw materials for Dietary Supplements, Food Supplements, Food, Pharmaceutical and Animal Nutrition industries. PHARMAFOODS Distribution of raw materials for the Dietary, Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries. About us

What makes the Masso G3 CNC controller so good?

Things such as true encoder feedback from spindle makes it easy to set up and machine multi-pass threads accurately. Built-in WiFi Connectivity - MASSO G3 comes with WiFi hardware and software to easily transfer gcodes filed to the machine and monitor machine/job status through WiFi.

How long has Masso's been in the Tri-State area?

Masso's has been servicing the tri-state area since 1929. We possess four generations of knowledge & expertise and a reputation of culinary excellence, creative presentation and personalized service to assure you of a truly memorable affair. We thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.

How long does it take for Masso to start?

MASSO takes less than 10 seconds to start. You’re ready to get going with your G-code in no time. WHAT DO I NEED TO RUN MASSO? No motion card, drivers required.

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