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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Ahmad Shah Massoud important to Afghanistan?

Massoud's military organization was an effective compromise between the traditional Afghan method of warfare and the modern principles of guerrilla warfare which he had learned from the works of Mao Zedong and Che Guevara. His forces were considered the most effective of all the various Afghan resistance movements.

When did Ahmad Shah Massoud address the European Parliament?

In early 2001, Ahmad Shah Massoud with leaders from all ethnicities of Afghanistan addressed the European Parliament in Brussels, asking the international community to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

When did Ahmad Shah Massoud start the Panjshir uprising?

Over half of the Afghan army either deserted or joined the insurrection. Believing that an uprising against the Soviet-backed communists would be supported by the people, Massoud, on July 6, 1979, started an insurrection in the Panjshir, which initially failed.

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