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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Matane in Japanese?

Answer Wiki. Matane is a Tokyo dialect (i.e. a standard Japanese) meaning “see you again.” If you want to say the same thing in Osaka dialect, you can say Honana (ほなな).

What does “Mata” mean?

"mata" means "again," and so in this context it means, "see you again", or "see you later.". The "ne" at the end, in this case, just makes it sound a bit softer and cuter.

What is the difference between またね and ね (ne)?

また (Mata) means again and ね (Ne) is a particle used to indicate a request for agreement of confirmation in what’s being stated. Think of it like “that’s right, don’t you think?” またね can be used alone when addressing friends and anyone else you would speak informally to. You can couple it with words like じゃ (well) to say “well, see you later”.

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