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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitars does Maton guitars make?

Available in Dreadnought, Orchestra Model, Mini, and Mini 12-string sizes, the EBW808, EBW70C, EMBW6, and EMBW12 are truly some of the coolest guitars that Maton builds.

Who is the curator of the Maton guitar Museum?

Meticulously researched, the Wadih Hanna personal collection is a comprehensive documentation of Maton instruments over 70 years by a consummate guitar curator. All guitar, amp and headstock photographs by Wadih Hanna.

Where did bill may make the Maton guitar?

Bill May, a Jazz musician and woodworker from Melbourne took it upon himself to correct this dearth of fine guitars in his home country, and in 1946 he launched “Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs.” After 80 years, 2 workshop relocations, and well over 300 different models, Maton is still family owned and based around Melbourne.

What kind of case did Maton Supreme have?

1964~65 Maton Supreme Electric SE777 thinline double cutaway with A grade birdseye maple archtop & cherry finish. Non-original machine heads, ABR style bridge and selector switch knob. Includes original roadworn case and scratchplate.

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