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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Maton guitars the best in the world?

Maton Guitars is where some of the finest quality guitars in the world come to life, each with a unique character and tone. Every Guitar embodies the passion and skill of the craftsmen who are part of our team, each of them drawing on the years of experience and dedication necessary to produce a truly remarkable instrument.

Where did bill may make the Maton guitar?

Bill May, a Jazz musician and woodworker from Melbourne took it upon himself to correct this dearth of fine guitars in his home country, and in 1946 he launched “Maton Stringed Instruments and Repairs.” After 80 years, 2 workshop relocations, and well over 300 different models, Maton is still family owned and based around Melbourne.

What kind of guitars are at Music Mart?

Music Mart is an authorized dealer for Taylor Guitars, Martin Guitars, Maton, Ibanez, G&L, Yamaha, Roland, Boss, Ludwig, and much more! Come by the store to check out our large selection of musical instruments, guitar repairs, lessons, and rentals for all occasions.

Who is Tommy Emmanuel on a Maton guitar?

Tommy Emmanuel is a certified guitar player. This is evidenced on his signature Maton guitars by the C.G.F. inlay on the 12 fret. He was dubbed such by the late, great Chet Atkins, and anybody who’s seen Tommy pick would be inclined to agree.

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