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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Matona mia cara sing Orlando di Lasso?

Due to the key signature and tempo, the composition has a nice sounding, happy, but also warm character. The structure is built up by the combination of always one verse and one phrase where the singers are just singing the syllable “don”.

How is the structure of Matona mia cara different?

Really interesting in terms of that structure is, that every first half of one stanza (put together by one half with meaningful lyrics and the other half with the syllable “don”), is always different, not only in text but also in the melody it self, whereas the “don”-parts always stay the same.

Who was the original singer of Matona mia cara?

Description: The original text is sung by a German soldier who can speak very little Italian.

Are there any French words in Matona mia cara?

This fact is given very well in the lyrics, which resemble exactly a strong German accent (even in modern Italian) and include some French words which the soldier seems to mistake for Italian – bon, compagnon – and ‘follere’, which means nothing in Italian but closely resembles the vulgar verb fottere.

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