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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hair salon at Salon Martone good?

As good as it gets! Start your review of Salon Martone. Just had my hair done at this brand new beautiful salon! The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. Kristina did a thorough consultation with me and proceeded to give me gorgeous highlights and an amazing cut! Relaxing spa like atmosphere!

Who is the Salon Martone on unpolished stars?

The salon’s Instagram page reveals some stunning designs in all sorts of colors. And of course, the salon comes with much more than just nails. Bria’s also super-talented. First of all, if you book at the Unpolished stars’ Salon Martone, don’t expect Lexi to work on your nails unless you own a fat wallet.

When does Salon Martone season 2 start on TLC?

Bria’s incredibly skilled with “ Brazilian Blowout,” “Conditioning Treatment,” “Infusion Replenisher” “Olaplex,” “Wella Lux Oil Conditioner Treatment.” “Keratin Smoothing Treatment,” and so much more. If you can’t make it to Long Island, at least you can still watch the Martone family on TLC. Season 2 of the show premieres on January 12.

How did Bria at Salon Martone Fix my Hair?

Bria was so welcoming . I explained the story that I had already had previous highlights and that they were grown out. She told me to come down to see if she could fix my hair. She told me she would not touch it unless she thought she could and was brutally honest.

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