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Frequently Asked Questions

Does McAlister's Deli deliver food on time?

We have plenty of drivers to get our food delivery orders out on time—so your food from McAlister's Deli always arrives fresh, delicious, and served at the correct temperature. Q) Does it cost extra to get food delivery from the McAlister's Deli near me? Some restaurant chains and locations set an order minimum for food delivery. Others don't.

Why choose 2 at McAlister's®?

McAlister's ® menu has so many great items, it’s hard making a choice. That’s why we allow you to “Choose 2.” You can have a half salad and a cup of soup too, no sacrificing one or the other required. You can pair a sandwich with a spud, or any other combination your heart desires. The more you try, the more you’ll love coming back.

Do you have to unbuckle for McAlister's delivery?

No need to even unbuckle. Available at select locations. We'll meet you at a designated spot with your order. Available at select locations. Now you can earn McAlister’s Rewards points AND get your made-to-order favorites delivered right to your door with McAlister’s Delivery.

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