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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MCC keep crashing in Halo 3?

My first MCC match I had my console crashed during start of game then had two halo 3 matches and then the same thing happened. So now I'm gonna test some people theory that it's actually the new skins doing this and I'm testing this by disable new skins in halo ce and halo 3.

What to do if you get ue4-mcc fatal error?

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Halo MCC and Steam more than 10 times. 2. Repairing Anti-Cheat on Halo: MCC. 3.Updating Windows, all of Windows features. 4.Updating GPU drivers. 6.Manually taking off, cleaning, and putting back my hardware properly.

Is there a resolution for the ue4-mcc game crash whenever loading into a game?

Has anyone found a resolution for the UE4-MCC game crash whenever loading into a game? Have already submitted a support ticket but after spending any sort of amount of time on the forums here, looks like it's a pretty widespread issue.

Why do I get Groundhog error on Halo MCC?

Halo MCC players are experiencing the Groundhog.dll error as they launch the game. The error also mentions the path to the.dll file. Navigate to the path and delete the file. Verify game files from Steam and it’ll automatically download the deleted file.

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