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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the McAlister's Deli on the keto diet?

If you love deli food, then you will love everything McAlister’s Deli will have to offer. And if you are on the Keto diet, we’ve got the scoop on the carb count as well!!

Is the keto diet the same as the Atkins diet?

Regardless if you’re on an Atkins plan or a similar keto diet, there are plenty of great options that are low in carbs and big in flavor. Both Atkins and keto activate your body’s fat-burning metabolism by restricting carbs, so people following either diet will be looking for the same types of meal choices.

Where to eat on a keto diet in California?

Chengdu Taste The San Gabriel Valley institution boasts a prodigious number of keto-friendly options, including chicken and mixed vegetable skewer, couple’s sliced beef in chili sauce and boiled sliced fish in hot sauce — just to name a couple. Sign up for our newsletter.

What kind of burgers are good for keto diet?

Red Robin is the home of fresh, fire-grilled burgers. Not only is their food packed and full of flavor, but it is also perfect for a keto or low carb lifestyle. The Wedgie™ Burger (560 calories, 35g total fat, 22g carbs, 5g fiber, and 40g protein) is our go-to. This lettuce wrapped burger is

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