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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is William McCarran?

McCarran, after World War II, was instrumental in limiting the number of Jewish refugees allowed to enter the U.S., made anti-Semitic remarks and blocked some of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Jewish judicial nominees.

What is the new name for McCarran International Airport?

In February 2021, the Clark County Commission unanimously approved the renaming of McCarran International Airport to Harry Reid International Airport, after the retired Nevada senator. As of June 17, 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration lists the new airport name on all of their official aviation charts.

What did Frank McCarran do for Las Vegas?

Las Vegas hotels Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, The Mirage to return to 24/7 operations McCarran, a Democrat, was the author of the 1938 Civil Aeronautics Act, which established the federal government’s role in overseeing aviation by regulating airline fares and investigating accidents.

Was Patrick McCarran an American judge?

American judge. Patrick Anthony McCarran (August 8, 1876 – September 28, 1954) was a Democratic United States Senator from Nevada from 1933 until 1954. McCarran was born in Reno, Nevada, attended Nevada State University, and was a farmer and rancher.

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