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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there transport between terminals at McCarran?

Courtesy shuttle buses transport travelers between McCarran's two terminals. Shuttle stops are located outside on Level Zero in each terminal. Shuttles run approximately every 20-30 minutes. From Baggage Claim, take the elevator or escalators down one level to Level Zero and exit the building.

How many gates are at McCarran International Airport?

McCarran International Airport consists of 110 aircraft gates at two separate terminal buildings T1 - Terminal 1 & T3 - Terminal 3, each with its own parking garage, ticketing/check-in area, baggage claim, and shopping and dining options.

What is airport transportation?

An airport bus, or airport shuttle bus or airport shuttle is a bus used to transport people to and from, or within airports. These vehicles will usually be equipped with larger luggage space, and incorporate special branding.

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