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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terminals at McCarran International Airport?

Terminals at McCarran 1 T1 - Terminal 1 2 Terminal 1 Parking. Terminal 1 includes a 6,000-space parking garage, and a spacious terminal building that includes Ticketing/Check-in, Baggage Claim and the A Gates, B Gates, and C Gates. 3 T3 - Terminal 3 4 Terminal 3 Parking. ...

Are there designated smoking areas at Las Vegas airports?

In compliance with Nevada state law, smoking (including Vaping) is prohibited except in the following designated areas: Enclosed Gaming Lounges (B, C, D & E Gates)

How tall is the runway at McCarran International Airport?

Runways Runway Length ILS Notes 1L/19R 8,988 ft 2,740 m 1L ILS Category I, with DME 1R/19L 9,771 ft 2,978 m — 8L/26R 14,515 ft 4,424 m 26R ILS Category I, with DME Second longest ... 8R/26L 10,525 ft 3,208 m 26L ILS Category I

When was McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas built?

LAS covers 2,800 acres (11.3 km 2) of land. The airport was built in 1942 and opened to airline flights in 1948. It has expanded since then and has employed various innovative technologies, such as common-use facilities.

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