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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is McCormick law firm?

Founded in 1862, McCormick Law Firm is one of the oldest and most established law firms in North Central Pennsylvania. We are here to serve regional clients and local communities.

Who are the attorneys at McCormick & vilushis?

Attorney Douglas G. McCormick. Douglas G. McCormick is a partner at McCormick & Vilushis, LLC. He focuses his practice on personal injury, workers’ compensation, Social Security, and criminal defense.

What kind of cases does Michael McCormick help with?

He has a national practice that includes pharmaceutical injury and product liability mass tort litigation, as well as representing whistleblowers in qui tam and fraud actions involving the waste of government funds and resources. Since June 2020 alone, McCormick helped the federal government settle four notable whistleblower cases:

What was the settlement in the McCormick case?

Working with federal lawyers, McCormick helped reach a $6.07 million settlement that resolved allegations that medical device companies EBI, LLC, of New Jersey, and Biomet, Inc., of Indiana, used kickbacks to induce physicians to purchase their bone growth stimulators.

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