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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you need to work at McCormick?

While no prior experience is necessary and McCormick is open to all experience levels, the company is looking for someone with a strong teamwork mentality, an interest in all things tacos and a keen eye for storytelling through video and social media.

How many employees does McCormick have?

McCormick employees – all 13,000 of us across the world – are what makes this company a great place to work. We’re a global company, so no matter where we work, from Melbourne to Mexico City, and every region in between, we all work together. See more about our global operations.

How much does McCormick pay for Taco relations jobs?

The position runs September through December and pays $25,000 a month, for a total of $100,000. The Director of Taco Relations will also recieve a supply of McCormick taco seasoning and other McCormick products.

What is McCormick known for?

You may know McCormick as a leader in herbs, spices, seasonings, and condiments. What you’re about to learn is that McCormick is so much more than that.

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