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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lumber does McCoys building supply use?

Many outdoor projects require high-quality treated lumber, especially in coastal environments. That’s why your McCoy’s offers many types and sizes of treated lumber, from lumber suitable to above ground use all the way to lumber suitable to salt water immersion . Don’t let sagging fences and rusty equipment slow down your farm or ranch operation.

Where is McCoy's Building Supply in Orange TX?

Your Orange McCoy’s Building Supply, located off of US-90, strives to provide outstanding service, superior building supplies, and great advice. We are proud to serve our community of professional contractors, homeowners and DIYers. Check out your store’s local Facebook page for updates on local events happening in your community.

What kind of ceiling moulding does McCoys carry?

McCoy’s carries a selection of crown & ceiling moulding that has been primed and is ready to paint. McCoy’s also carries moulding for other trim applications and most profiles are available in longer lengths so there is less waste per square foot.

What kind of doors do you get with Tomball McCoys?

The style of the doors in your house plays a large role in your home’s appearance. Your Tomball McCoy’s stocks interior and exterior doors in many styles and designs including rustic barn doors, French doors, pre-hung interior doors and solid wood exterior doors.

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