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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a website for McCulloch?

Official McCulloch Website - The Power To Get The Job Done! NEW! Switch Start Technology Check out our comprehensive product selection via our easy-to-browse interactive catalogue. Quickly and easily register your product online with McCulloch. Join McCulloch's free newsletter for tips on how to take care of your garden.

What are the NOS numbers for Yanmar McCulloch Power Pac 800E generator?

NOS Yanmar McCulloch Power Pac 800E Generator Signal Lamp, Oil. Mac# 221716 NOS Yanmar McCulloch Generator Label. Yanmar # 183610-07230. Mac # 221726. NOS Yanmar McCulloch Power Pro 1500E Generator Bolt. Mac # 221750. NOS Yanmar McCulloch Power Pac 800E Generator Charging Cable.

Why choose McCulloch tools?

Short videos about how to use your McCulloch & maintenance tips. Designed to Get The Job Done! McCulloch has a long history of developing, high performance garden tools that are tough, reliable and importantly, have the power to get the job done.

How do I find my nearest authorised McCulloch dealership?

To find your nearest authorised McCulloch dealership, type in your town, city or postcode into the search bar below. Details of your dealership will then appear, including contact information so you can book in for a service. Sorry!

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