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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Generator leaking gas?

The six primary reasons your generator is leaking gas are: Bowl Gasket is Cracked, Pinched, Split Drain Screw Gasket is Cracked, or Not Tightened Properly Bowl Bolt Gasket is Cracked, or Not Tightened Properly

What brands of carburetors are used on McCulloch generators?

. There are many Brands carburetors used on McCulloch Branded gasoline generators & power equipments, e.g. JINGKE,KINZO & XIELI. Our carburetor is complete interchangeable with JINGKE & XIELI Carburetors.

What is the McCulloch newsletter?

Join McCulloch's free newsletter for tips on how to take care of your garden. Short videos about how to use your McCulloch & maintenance tips. Designed to Get The Job Done! McCulloch has a long history of developing, high performance garden tools that are tough, reliable and importantly, have the power to get the job done.

What to do if your carburetor is leaking gas?

Before you focus all of your attention on the carburetor itself, dry everything with a rag first and verify that you do not have a leaky gas tank or a rotted fuel line at the gas tank. If this occurs, gas can run down the outside of the fuel line to the carburetor and throw you off course.

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