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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the main issue in the case of McCulloch v Maryland?

McCulloch v. Maryland was the 1819 Supreme Court case dealing mostly with the issue of Federalism. The creation of a National Bank was encouraged by Alexander Hamilton, but opposed by Thomas Jefferson, due to lack of authority given by the Constitution. A National Bank was chartered, but then died 20 years later.

What was the outcome of McCulloch v Maryland?

The following statement explains the outcome and significance of the McCulloch V. Maryland case; ". The Supreme Court decided in favor of McCulloch, that the United States could operate a national bank and states cannot tax the national government.". The correct answer is B.

What was the impact of McCulloch v Maryland?

The primary effect of the Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland was that the economic supremacy of the federal government was upheld, since it was deemed illegal for Maryland to impede the flow of currency over state borders. Rate!

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