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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the effects of the Mcculloch vs Maryland case?

The effect of the Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland was that the federal government was vindicated in claiming that individual states could not impose taxes on federal currency, since this undermined the power of the central government.

What was the outcome McCullough vs Maryland?

On March 6, 1819, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in McCulloch v. Maryland that Congress had the authority to establish a federal bank , and that the financial institution could not be taxed by the states.

What was the problem in McCulloch v Maryland?

In McCulloch v. Maryland, the state was the plaintiff. The state of Maryland believed that the federal bank should pay state taxes because they were operating on their land and using their resources. The United States Supreme Court in McCulloch v. Maryland ruled in favor of the defendant, Andrew McCulloch.

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