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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the result of McCulloch v Maryland?

One major result of the McCulloch v. Maryland decision was that "(D) It enforced the principle that the federal government has authority over state governments," since it held that Maryland had no right to tax money or funds created by the federal government.

What caused McCulloch v Maryland?

McCulloch v. Maryland. McCulloch v. Maryland, case decided in 1819 by the U.S. Supreme Court, dealing specifically with the constitutionality of a Congress-chartered corporation, and more generally with the dispersion of power between state and federal governments.

Why was the McCulloch v. Maryland decision significant?

Maryland Background. In April 1816, Congress created a law that allowed for the creation of the Second Bank of the United States. Supreme Court. The Maryland Court of Appeals held that since the US Constitution did not specifically allow the federal government to create banks, then it was not unconstitutional. Significance. ...

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