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Frequently Asked Questions

Does McDonald's have birthday parties for kids?

A McDonald’s birthday party is a good way to entertain your child’s friends and families without having to worry about cleaning up or prepping food. From Happy Meals to a PlayPlace, children are guaranteed to have a fun time. How much does it cost to have a birthday party at McDonald’s?

Is the new McDonald's party package worth it?

The new Mcdonald’s party package makes even the little moments that mean big to us easier to celebrate through easy bookings and affordable rates. So if you’re thinking of throwing a McCelebrations party, too, I am happy to share that it’s so hassle-free.

How much is McDonalds party free in the Philippines?

You may also settle your bill in your selected branch. First of all, Mcdonald’s Party Free is at Php 2,000. The fee includes the use of the party venue plus the theme and the host. You’ll also get 30 party amenities such as party hats and invitations, game prizes, 30 balloons, plus 10 guest giveaways.

How can I have fun at McDonald's?

Choose a McDonald’s location with an Indoor or Outdoor PlayPlace for even more fun! Find a McDonald's near you to get the party started. Stay connected at our restaurants. Gift it. Keep it. Reload it. Find out more about our history, our leadership and our values.

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