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What did the 3rd Marine Regiment do in 1968?

Then in the middle of 1968, they played an important role in the 3rd Marine Division's new mobile posture as the primary maneuver regiment. For the next year they constantly moved throughout the divisions area in operations such as Lancaster II, Scotland II, Dawson River, Dewey Canyon, Apache Snow, Cameron Falls, and Utah Mesa.

How did the 9th Marines participate in County Fair operations?

The 9th Marines participation in County Fair operations consisted of cordoning a target area (village or hamlet) in order to isolate it for the duration of the operation and providing limited medical treatment to the people.

Where did the Marines rescue the crew of the merchant ship?

A battalion-sized Marine rescue team was airlifted from Okinawa to U-Tapao Airforce Base in the Gulf of Thailand, about 300 miles from Kho-Tang. The Marines were air lifted to Kho Tang Island to rescue the crew of the merchant ship.

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