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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mark Levin?

He is the host of syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show, as well as Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News. Levin worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan and was a chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese.

Does Mark Levin offer a conservative view of Liberty?

"Looking at liberty and tyranny: Author and radio host Mark Levin offers a conservative view". The Philadelphia Inquirer. Archived from the original on July 18, 2009.

Will Mark Levin host the Fox News show?

^ "Mark Levin". Radio Hall Of Fame. ^ Concha, Joe (November 21, 2017). "Mark Levin to host Fox News show". TheHill. Retrieved December 7, 2020.

Is there a lifetime extension for the Mark Levin Show?

^ "Westwood One Announces Lifetime Extension for The Mark Levin Show". February 11, 2016. Retrieved September 17, 2017. ^ "Mark Levin". Radio Hall Of Fame. ^ Concha, Joe (November 21, 2017).

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