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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IHSS considered means tested benefit?

Those with no income and whose income comes entirely from non-taxable means-tested benefit programs, like IHSS, are also included within this rebate. Live-in providers who don't file taxes and those on SSI fall under the "income comes entirely from non-taxable means-tested benefit programs."

What is an example of a means tested program?

Most means-tested programs are entitlements (such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, family support programs, and veterans' pensions), but in the case of a few such programs (for instance, subsidized housing and various social services), budget authority for the program is provided in appropriation acts.

Is Social Security a means tested program?

Social Security is not a means tested program, which means that your eligibility for Social Security is not affected by any receipt of assets or income that you receive from an inheritance. Therefore, if you are receiving Social Security, receipt of an inheritance will not have an effect on your Social Security payments.

What is the definition of means tested?

Definition of means test : an examination into the financial state of a person to determine eligibility for public assistance : a process done to find out the amount of money a person has in order to see if that person qualifies for government assistance

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