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Frequently Asked Questions

What does meanspo stand for in Urban Dictionary?

Meanspo. An online tumblr tread encouraging eating disorders. If you eat right & take care of yourself there is a good chance millions of Onision's subscriber's love your body.

What are some quotes from a meanspo thread?

Quotes from a Meanspo Thread. Here are some quotes I’ve taken from a Meanspo thread on a forum I’m a member of 🙂 I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me. No more setbacks you pathetic excuse for an eating disorder. Stop complaining. You are too fat to even CLASSIFY for an eating disorder. Your weight is shameful.

Who is the comedian with the name meanspo?

"Meanspo, more thinspiration trash." -Gregory Jackson, comedian, YouTuber, activist, song writer, and feminazi. Get a Meanspo mug for your grandma Sarah.

What's the difference between sweetspo and meanspo track?

Track like you mean it, like you want to, like you CARE. Work out like you used to,like it’s fun for you, like it’ll help. Think about your food like you hate to, like you should, like you’re considerate. Think about the money, think about becoming healthier, think about changing.

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