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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the word measures?

Usually measures. actions or procedures intended as a means to an end: to take measures to avert suspicion. a short rhythmical movement or arrangement, as in poetry or music.Compare meter 2(def 1b).

What is the purpose of the measures project?

MEaSUREs provides an opportunity for the research community to participate in the development and generation of data products, which complement and augment the Earth science already available to the research community. MEaSUREs projects are required to utilize at least one satellite data set, preferably a NASA-sponsored data set.

Which is the best definition of for good measure?

An evaluation or a basis of comparison: "the final measure of the worth of a society" (Joseph Wood Krutch). 3. Extent or degree: The problem was in large measure caused by his carelessness.

How is the care process related to the measure?

Proximity: Performing the care process is closely connected to the patient outcome; there are relatively few clinical processes that occur after the one that is measured and before the improved outcome occurs. Accuracy: The measure accurately assesses whether or not the care process has actually been provided.

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