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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by point of contact?

A point of contact (POC) is a person or a team that serves as the coordinator of information concerning an activity or program and handle communication with customers. Find out point of contact tips.

Why do you need a role point of contact?

Having a Role POC is preferred for many different reasons and our Registration Services team is often asked why using a Role POC can be beneficial for an organization. Some scenarios include: Organizations security protocols outline individual contact information is not to be publicly listed on third party sites.

What makes a POC a point of contact?

A POC is a key person or department in the company that starts a relationship with potential customers or brings the interaction with existing clients to the next level. So, the responsibility of making the impression about the whole brand lies solely on their shoulders.

Who is the point of contact in a restaurant?

When someone walks through the door of an outlet, the person who answers his queries acts as a point of contact for him. When you enter a restaurant and do not find an empty table the employee who will come to make you comfortable and advise you to wait for few minutes is the point of contact between you and the restaurant.

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