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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of medial?

The definition of medial is in the middle, near the axis, or average. An example of something medial is the center point of a tug-of-war rope. An example of something medial is the center of a propellor.

Is medial left or right?

Medial and lateral: Medial refers to being toward the midline of the body or the median plane, which splits the body, head-to-toe, into two halves, the left and right. Lateral is the side of the body or part of the body that is away from the middle.

What is medial location?

Medial: 1. Pertaining to the middle; in or toward the middle; nearer the middle of the body. Medial is as opposed to lateral. For example, the medial side of the knee is the side closest to the other knee whereas the lateral side of the knee is the outside of the knee. 2. Within a multilayered structure, the center layer.

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