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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the wholesale customers of Mediapoint?

From our wholesale printing customers, we expect them to use our system and to supply print ready artwork. In return we can offer them fast and reliable trade only products. The types of customers we predominately work with are printing companies, marketing agencies, print brokers, signage companies and other types of resellers.

What do you need to know about media point?

Mediapoint is the essential news-monitoring platform from PA Media that provides access to the breaking newswire and valuable information sources to help PR and communications professionals stay ahead of the news agenda.

Which is the latest version of media point?

The latest version of Mediapoint offers fast, fair and accurate access to breaking news stories, press releases, partner content, archived articles, images, curated social media, schedules and PA Media’s news diary. Plus, saved searches and email notifications that can be tailored for any area of interest. Created with Sketch.

Why is Mediapoint best at large format printing?

When people mention Mediapoint, the consistent message is that everyone knows that we are the best at what we do which is large format and flatbed printing. The reason for this is we are a pure production house and that is all we do. Being reliable means getting out every order on time to the quality the customer expects.

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