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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the latest version of media point?

The latest version of Mediapoint offers fast, fair and accurate access to breaking news stories, press releases, partner content, archived articles, images, curated social media, schedules and PA Media’s news diary. Plus, saved searches and email notifications that can be tailored for any area of interest. Created with Sketch.

What do you need to know about media point?

Mediapoint is the essential news-monitoring platform from PA Media that provides access to the breaking newswire and valuable information sources to help PR and communications professionals stay ahead of the news agenda.

How can I access Mediapoint from my email?

Your email will be set up to access Mediapoint via the Explore site. When set up you will receive a confirmation email with a link or code to access the site. Following this link or entering the code takes you to the homepage.

How can I filter news on media point?

The Mediapoint homepage presents the main newsfeed where you can easily browse and navigate to breaking stories or specific content. To filter the newsfeed, simply enter your keyword, phrase, or event to discover all of PA Media’s latest content in one place.

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