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Frequently Asked Questions

Is mediation better than litigation?

11 ways that mediation is better than litigation. 1. Mediation is voluntary. No one is forced to attend a mediation. With litigation, the parties may be forced to go to court. With mediation, if one side does not want to mediate, the case does not go to mediation. 2. Mediation takes place at a neutral setting, at a mutually convenient time.

How to test for moderation?

Steps for moderation analysis Compute the interaction term XZ=X*Z. Fit a multiple regression model with X, Z, and XZ as predictors. Test whether the regression coefficient for XZ is significant or not. Interpret the moderation effect. Display the moderation effect graphically.

What are the different styles of mediation?

Styles of Mediation: Facilitative, Evaluative, and Transformative Mediation. Facilitative mediation grew up in the era of volunteer dispute resolution centers, in which the volunteer mediators were not required to have substantive expertise concerning the area of the dispute, and in which most often there were no attorneys present.

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