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Frequently Asked Questions

What is basic mediation training?

Basic Mediation Training is for people from all backgrounds who would like to develop their mediation skills or incorporate mediation into their professional services. Public and private sector managers improve their conflict management abilities.

Why should you become a mediator?

In mediation, decision-making authority rests with the parties. Here are a few reasons why becoming a mediator can be beneficial and rewarding: There is conflict in almost any workplace, and having the aptitude to resolve it is a valuable addition to your professional skill set. Let's think about the situation between Celia and Marco, and ...

When to start mediation?

When To Start Mediation. You can start mediation anytime, but the best time to start is in the beginning of the divorce process. Early stage mediation moves divorcing couples toward cooperation by providing a structure that is designed to alleviate the confusion and get people talking in a less acrimonious manner …..putting out of the blaze,...

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