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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a verbal medication order?

When taking telephone or verbal medication orders, the name of the medication and dosage ordered should be clearly repeated and if warranted, the person receiving the order will request the correct spelling of the medication. “Do Not Resuscitate” orders provided via telephone will be witnessed by another physician and a registered nurse.

What is the procedure for receiving verbal orders?

All verbal orders for medications and treatments shall be received only by a licensed nurse or other licensed or registered health care specialist in their own area of specialty. When verbal orders are received they shall be immediately reduced to writing, dated, and signed by the person receiving the order.

What is an example of a verbal order in nursing?

For example: A nurse gave a medication upon receipt of a verbal order from a physician. The nurse did not write the verbal order into chart first. The nurse administered the medication, guaifenesin with codeine, then read what the physician had written later in the chart.

What is pharmacy’s policy on verbal orders?

Pharmacy will disallow medication requests from nursing units to the pharmacy unless the verbal order has been transcribed onto an order form and simultaneously faxed or otherwise seen by a pharmacist before the medication is dispensed. Verbal orders, when spoken and when transcribed, will use only approved abbreviations.

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