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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Comenity Bank credit cards easy to get?

Cards issued by Comenity Bank are generally easy to get approved for even if your credit score is lower than average. Easy approval can be attractive if you're working on building or repairing your credit. You can obtain some Comenity Bank cards without a hard pull on your credit report, which significantly increases your chances of approval.

Can you use Meijer credit card anywhere?

The two Meijer credit cards are mostly the same. The difference is that one is a MasterCard, accepted at Meijer and anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. The other is a Meijer store credit card, accepted only at Meijer. If your credit history is good enough, you’ll be approved for the Meijer MasterCard.

Can I use my Meijer store card anywhere?

Regional supermarket chain Meijer offers two credit card options: a store-only card and a Platinum MasterCard, which can be swiped anywhere MasterCard is accepted and will help you earn rewards faster when used to pay for purchases outside of Meijer supermarkets and gas stations.

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