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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Meijer change their logo in 2003?

In 2003, the company announced that all new Meijer stores would feature an entirely new format and company image, complete with a new logo intended to make the Meijer stores seem "friendly" and inviting. The company hired New York City's Rockwell Group to redesign the existing stores and establish a design for new stores.

How do I order Meijer promotional products online?

Welcome to the new online Meijer Promotional Products website. Please click on any of the images below or select catalog to begin shopping. Please use a credit card for all purchases. We offer custom orders for a wide variety of items in addition to the items you see online. Email [email protected] or call 888-684-8665 for a custom quote.

What type of store is Meijer?

Operations Meijer stores are classified as supercenters or hypermarkets (a superstore that combines groceries and department store goods in the same store). Many stores also feature an adjacent Meijer-branded gas station and convenience store.

When was the first Meijer location in Chicago?

Following this, the Merrillville location opened to the public on August 4, 1998, while the Highland location officially opened on April 20, 1999. The first Meijer location in the Chicago region opened on August 3, 1999 on Weber Road in Bolingbrook.

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