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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pre-pay for prescriptions at Meijer?

View prescription amount due and pre-pay–before you arrive at the pharmacy, for faster check out. Stop by the Meijer Pharmacy counter to link your credit card information to your pharmacy account. Choose Express Pick-up and select your prescriptions ready for pickup to pay ahead of time.

Does Meijer pharmacy give free blood tests?

Select antibiotics, and prenatal vitamins are free with your doctor's prescription. To help you stay on track, Meijer Pharmacy offers health screening services such as cholesterol testing and blood glucose testing - just walk in, no appointment necessary.

How do I get mperks at Meijer?

Transfer a prescription, fill a new prescription or pick up a refill at the Meijer Pharmacy. You can even fill select pet prescriptions for your furry family members. Sign up for mPerks pharmacy rewards to earn savings for every prescription you pick up. Earn 1 point for every 5th prescription and clip your reward.

Does Meijer pharmacy dispose of expired medications?

Meijer Pharmacy wants to help you protect your loved ones, the community and the environment. Safely dispose of your unwanted and expired medications the right way by visiting us and looking for the receptacle by the pharmacy counter. This is a free service – no questions asked.

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