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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meijer supplier guide?

This guid e provides an overview of M eijer and some basic operating prin ciples, as established Supplier gu ides. Understandin g and align ment on the busin ess requirem ents and processes outlined in this guid e are critical to for ming a success ful partnership with Meijer.

What is Meijer known for?

Freshness: Meijer is known for fr eshness. A focus on fresh food, thinking and innovation makes us better at ser ving our custo mers. Safety & Health: Meijer provides a saf e and healthy environment for our team members. We customers lead h ealthier lives.

What is the difference between Meijer and competition?

Customers: Fred M eijer always said, "Customer s don't need us, we need the m." At Meijer, we focus on our custo mers and thrive by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectati ons. Competition: Re tailing is a fast-paced busin ess that de mands continuous improvement.

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