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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the Melbourne Bounce?

Melbourne Bounce is a sub-genre of the electro house umbrella with its fun-loving and party-like sounds. Will Sparks, Deorro and Joel Fletcher among many others seem to be leading the new movement,...

Are there any free sample packs for Melbourne Bounce?

A huge list of Free Melbourne Bounce and Future House Sample Packs. We’ve complied a massive list of Free Melbourne Bounce & Future House Sample Packs for you to download. This list contains Drums, Bass, Fl Studio Projects and More from a wide variety of Sample Pack Labels and Producers!

Which is the best Melbourne bounce on YouTube?

All of your favorite Melbourne Bounce uploads. All of your favorite Melbourne Bounce uploads.

What kind of Hook does Melbourne Bounce have?

Listen to the drop of many-a-Melbourne Bounce tune and you will notice that it often has one hook made from one synth that is at the forefront of the track, with not a whole lot of other layers happening in the background. The main hook is laid over the kick and bass foundations, with a very simple drums groove.

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