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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Melbourne Cricket Ground not used for the AFL Grand Final?

The ground was not used for the grand final between 1942 and 1945, as it was required to be used by the Australian military after its entry into the Pacific campaign of World War II . The VFL Grand Final returned to the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1946 after a four year absence due to the venue being used for military purposes during World War II.

Who is the owner of the Melbourne Cricket Ground?

The MCG is owned by the VIctorian Government through the MCG Trust and is managed by the Melbourne Cricket Club. Its current capacity is 100,018. History. By an Order in Council dated 9 December 1861 land known as the Melbourne Cricket Ground was permanently reserved as a metropolitan cricket ground.

What was the record crowd at Melbourne Cricket Ground?

This was the stadium's highest capacity configuration, and the all-time record crowd for a sporting event at the venue of 121,696 was set under this configuration in the 1970 VFL Grand Final .

When did Melbourne Cricket Club start playing cricket?

Founded in November 1838 the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) selected the current MCG site in 1853 after previously playing at several grounds around Melbourne.

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