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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Cricket Ground in Melbourne?

The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground, better known as the MCG, is one of the biggest sports stadiums in the world. Link Copied! With a capacity of 100,000 people, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the largest stadium in Australia, the 10th largest stadium in the world, and the world's largest cricket stadium.

Is the MCG tour open at Melbourne Cricket Ground?

The closure of the Tours also extends to Paddock Café and the MCG Shop, inside Gate 3 of the MCG. The Club will communicate with its members and all visitors to the MCG when the MCG Tours will re-open. Nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

When did Melbourne Cricket Club start playing cricket?

Founded in November 1838 the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) selected the current MCG site in 1853 after previously playing at several grounds around Melbourne.

Which is the oldest cricket ground in Australia?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is Australia's largest, oldest and most popular sporting venue. The MCG has hosted plenty of international cricket, including the first-ever Test and the 1992 World Cup final, countless VFL/AFL Grand Finals, the 1956 Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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