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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is the radar tower in Melbourne FL?

The NWS Melbourne, FL radar Tower stands 98 feet. The Radar Pedestal holds the radar antenna ( dish ). The Radar Antenna’s basic role is to act as a transducer between the free space and the electromagnetic wave sources or receivers.

Where are the weather radars in Central Florida?

While our weather office and associated Doppler radar covers 10 counties in east central Florida, we can also utilize adjacent and neighboring radars in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, as well as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) T erminal D oppler W eather R adars (TDWRs) in Orlando, Palm Beach, and Tampa, that we can display in AWIPS.

Is the NWS Melbourne radar the same as the Melbourne radar?

Data quality is not always as good. To enable us to see the same storm from different perspectives (see below), we fortunately have the ability to utilize adjacent radars in addition to the NWS Melbourne radar. The radar beam becomes wider (broader) further from the radar.

What's the weather like in Central Florida Today?

Through the mid-morning hours, it will be mostly sunny across east central Florida with a bit more cloud cover toward the coast. Temperatures will warm up quickly with most reaching the mid 80s by 10 AM.

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