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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking at Melbourne Orlando International Airport?

Melbourne Orlando International Airport (MLB) is committed to your safety and health. Visit to learn all that MLB has done to prepare for every step of your next travel experience. MLB’s airport parking is just steps away from ticketing and the security checkpoint with short term and long term options.

How tall can you park at Melbourne Airport?

As well as being well-lit, regularly patrolled and monitored 24 hours a day, all of MEL’s parking facilities, aside from long-term parking, are fully covered, giving your vehicle extra protection from the elements, although this does mean there is a height restriction of 7.2 feet (2.2 metres).

Which is the best hotel to park at Melbourne Airport?

Many of these hotels also offer complimentary parking with your reservation so you can relax for the night without worrying about where to put your car. The Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport is located just 328 feet (100 metres) from check-in and offers up to 10 nights of parking with its 'Park, Stay and Go' package.

Is there parking at the Jetport in Melbourne?

Jetport is highly secure, with staff onsite 24 / 7 and CCTV. MEL’s parking facilities are as modern as the airport itself.

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