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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose @Melbourne Girls Grammar School?

Melbourne Girls Grammar School is the sister school of Melbourne Grammar School with which it has a strong association, as the two stream productions, formals, workshops and concerts together.

Does Melbourne Girls Grammar School have a VCE?

Melbourne Girls Grammar offers Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) for its students at Years 11 to 12, with some students beginning their VCE studies in Year 10. The Junior, Middle and Senior School houses are: Clarke: red, named after Archbishop Lowther Clarke, whose particular interest was diocesan education,

What happened at Melbourne Girls Grammar School?

Headmistress Miss Edith Mountain (1955-1975) promoted the importance of science education and a purpose-built Science and Library Centre was opened. Morris Hall moved to Caroline Street to a new building housing the whole junior school. The spiritual heart of Melbourne Girls Grammar, the Chapel of St Luke, was consecrated in 1967.

How often are fees charged at Melbourne Grammar School?

Melbourne Grammar School fees are levied four times per year for Prep to Year 11 and three times per year for Year 12.

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