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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find house sitting jobs in Melbourne?

With pet ownership so high, there is always a lot of house sitting jobs in Melbourne, and Aussie House Sitters is the best place to find them. We are a multi-award winning site, with FAR more house sitting jobs in Melbourne than any other site. The whole experience is secure and easy to use - and our support is awesome.

What is Aussie house sitters?

Aussie House Sitters is the largest and most active house sitting community in Australia. With far more Melbourne houses sitting jobs, every month, than any other site, this is the right place to jump in. Click here to find out HOW IT WORKS.

Which is the best house sitting website in Australia?

Aussie House Sitters is our go to house sitting website when we are in Australia. It has got the biggest range of available sits in Australia out of any website. Coming in at $84 AUD it is a little bit cheaper than Trusted House sitters, and a much better option for those looking to only house sit i Australia.

Why choose come and house sit in Melbourne?

Come and house sit in Melbourne, the world's most liveable (and sittable) city. This is an amazing city to house sit, and Aussie House Sitters is the best way to make that happen. We have been market leaders for over a decade and provide a great service with friendly support.

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