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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Melbourne it and what do they do?

Melbourne IT is a global leader in domain name registration and Internet services. We were Australia's first registrar and have helped over 350,000 customers build their business online with easy to use systems and a world leading eBusiness centre. Search for your domain name today.

How does Melbourne IT help with domain name management?

The solution: engaging a specialist domain name management service like the one offered by Melbourne IT. We will proactively safeguard your important domains names on the World Wide Web. We'll help acquire domains anonymously ensuring your details are kept private.

How to get a domain name in Australia?

Get started today with a new domain name. As an Australian business, we highly recommend protecting your brand online by securing the following available primary domain suggestions. Learn why? What are CCTLD domain names?

Who was the first domain registrar in Australia?

Melbourne IT is a global leader for domain registration. We were the first Australian domain registrar back in 1999, and we're still going strong with more than 350,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We're trusted because we're experts in helping businesses make bold first impressions online that have a lasting impact.

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