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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the shopping areas in Ultimo New South Wales?

The commercial areas of Ultimo are mainly centred on Broadway, Harris Street and Wattle Street. The Broadway Shopping Centre is located in the former site of the flagship building of the Grace Bros department store chain.

Where is TransGrid in Ultimo New South Wales?

The Ultimo area is undergoing gentrification, with considerable redevelopment of industrial buildings for residential and commercial purposes. The NSW transmission network service provider TransGrid is located on Thomas Street.

Where is the University of Technology in Ultimo?

Ultimo is home to the main campus of the University of Technology Sydney and the Sydney Institute of TAFE, the largest TAFE in New South Wales. International Grammar School is located near the western boundary.

Where is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Ultimo?

The corporate headquarters and Sydney studios of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation are located in its Ultimo Centre on Harris Street. The Ultimo Centre also houses an auditorium and recording studio, known as the Eugene Goosens Hall, an ABC Shop and a restaurant.

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