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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find flights from Melbourne to Italy?

Find all flights departing from Melbourne to Italy on Searching for flights from Melbourne to Italy and Italy to Melbourne is easy. Browse the list of cities we fly to from Melbourne and select your chosen destination city to see our flight schedules and destination guides.

Is there an Italian population in Melbourne Australia?

The same could be said for the total Australian population of Italian ancestry, with 279,112 of the 916,121 (30.4%) listed as Melbournian residents, which is the highest Italian population in Australia and the Oceanic continent per city. Inaugural records of the Italian community of Melbourne are debated as official records are obscured.

Where is the Little Italy in Melbourne Australia?

Of all the listed suburbs, the highest concentration in Carlton, saw the eventual establishment of Melbourne's current Little Italy, on Lygon Street, between the intersections of Elgin & Queensberry streets.

Is the city of Melbourne a sister city to Milan?

Today, the city of Melbourne is a sister city to Milan, Italy, with the city's population consisting of 68,823 residents by birth, and 279,112 residents by heritage, as of 2011.

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